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Dermal Fillers are injections into or beneath the skin that add volume to the face. They offer a subtle, but efficient improvement of the skin, and the effects can be noticed immediately.

Dr. Ali Kazmi is one of the most popular, accomplished and esteemed Dermatologists in Pakistan. His clinic is fitted with the advanced medical equipment that offers top class Filler treatment.

How Do The Dermal Filler Injections Work?

The Dermal Filler re-inflates the face, giving it the volume it may have lost. We have that volume naturally as we are born, but with the passage of time, the volume is lost. As it is lost, the face loses its round, beautiful shape, and wrinkles and other signs of aging start to appear. The Dermal filler injections work exactly there, effectively making the people who use it, look younger and more beautiful.

Generally Injectable Dermal Filler is helpful to treat common issues such as:

To plump up thinning lips

To enhance or fill in shallow areas on the face

To decrease/remove the shadow or wrinkle under the eyes caused by the lower eyelid

To fill in or soften the look of recessed scars

To fill in or soften static wrinkles especially on the lower face

To improve facial symmetry

Pre-treatment Consultation:

During pretreatment consultation process, Dr Ali Kazmi evaluates patient’s doubts and concerns.

Every patient should share all medical history with Dr Ali Kazmi before starting of treatment such as certain allergies, skin and neurological conditions. So that he can review medical condition of patient as well as can decide correct type and volume of Dermal Filler Injection to avoid side effects in future.

Procedure of Dermal Filler Injection treatment:

After the pre-treatment consultation, Dr Ali Kazmi decides the date and time of treatment.

Just before actual starting of treatment, patient’s area of the treatment will be cleaned. Topical anesthetic is given to patient to numb area before injection.

Dr Ali Kazmi then injects a precise amount of Dermal Filler skillfully beneath the skin.

Patient can notice results immediately after receiving Dermal Filler injection. Results are depending on the type of filler and area of treatment.

Some patients can experience mild swelling and bruising after undergoing treatment but these are temporary side effects.

Patient can resume daily activities right after treatment as per Dr Ali Kazmi's advice.

Recovery After Dermal Fillers

The Dermal filler injections need little and close to none recovery. Some of the patients have experienced some bruising, but the bruises disappear in a short time. The patients also may feel small bumps in the places they’ve had the injections, but the bumps will be gone in at most one hour. Some swelling can also appear; it usually goes away in less than a week, and it can be kept under control with some cold water and compresses on the zones.

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