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Laser Hair Removal

Plenty of people have unwanted hair growth in different parts of the body. While temporary methods of hair removal do offer some comfort, they never really get rid of the hair on a permanent basis. In fact, they may lead to unsightly in growth of hair or pigmentation due to allergic reactions from creams or wax. Even electrolysis which offers good long lasting results is a tedious, painful and invasive process. On the other hand, opting for laser hair removal at Dr Ali Kazmi's skin clinic is offers viable advantages since laser hair removal treatment here can be used for treating hundreds and thousands of hair follicles within a short time. This makes it a much faster method when compared to electrolysis. A laser treatment is ideal when you are looking to attain proper hair reduction.

Advantages of laser hair removal

Here at Dr Ali Kazmi's skin clinic, the leading hair removal clinic in Lahore, we strongly recommend laser hair removal as it offers a number of distinct advantages. Let’s have a closer look at some of them.

  • Since the laser hair removal cost in Lahore is quite economical, it is always a practical thing to choose this option instead of any other non-permanent hair removal procedure. Moreover, by choosing permanent laser hair removal procedure, you can say goodbye to expensive wax treatments, razors creams and various other tedious methods of getting rid of unwanted hair.

  • Laser hair removal can offer you precise results and it is better suited to people having dark skin tones. It also guarantees faster results each and every time.

  • Unlike threading, waxing and epilating procedures, you won’t have to endlessly put up with unsightly ingrown hairs or tolerate irritating razor burns.

  • Unlike other types of hair removal methods like waxing where you need to wait for substantial hair growth before you can carry out the hair removal process, you do not have to do so when you choose laser hair removal.

Why Choose Us?

At Dr Ali Kazmi's skin clinic, we can deliver you high end laser hair removal treatment and make sure that your unwanted hair is removed at the earliest instance. We regularly offer our laser hair removal services to men and women with various requirements and have got a very high track record of success. The laser hair removal cost in Lahore here at our clinic is also perfectly affordable which means that you get to have the best treatment solutions at the best prices. If you have any queries regarding hair removal cost or the procedure itself, simply get in touch with us and we can offer you complete assistance.


1. Who are considered ideal for laser hair removal treatment?

Skin type and hair color are the major factors that should be considered before the procedure. Dark hair on a light textured skin can work as the best combination. The procedure can be used easily on people having darker skin.

2. Is the process painful?

The hair removal process is not as such painful. However, every now and then the candidate may experience a pinching sensation over the sensitive areas.

3. How many sessions are required?

A. The number of sessions that will be required depends on the area that needs to be treated. In most cases, a patient needs to go for 4 to 6 sessions in order to make sure that the hair removal results are effective and more or less permanent.

4. What are the prerequisites before the laser procedure?

A. Stay away from tanning or sun exposure before the treatment (is recommended) Do not wax, pluck or shave the area . Do not use creams, lotions, deodorant or make up on the chosen day of the laser session. Stay away from bleach as well.

Please check with your doctor if on any photosensitive, topical or oral medication or history of any specific medical condition

5. Why not waxing plucking or threading before laser?

Any modality of hair removal which pulls on the hair will break the hair under the skin at different levels. So there may not be hair in some follicles just below the skin, i.e. they will be “empty” as far as the laser is concerned. These will not absorb the laser and hence will not get treated. Only gentle shaving removes the top hair while keeping the hair in the follicle below the skin intact.

7. Any side effects

Immediate may be redness which is actually an acceptable end point. Others are uncommon if proper settings are used. They may be hypo or hyper pigmentation. Rarely seen is paradoxical hair growth

8. What is the post treatment care like?

Immediately after treatment there may be redness, swelling or itching which is self limiting. Icing of the concerned region needs to be done, A good sunblock of spf 30 or higher needs to be used during the course of the treatment. Avoid touching or scratching the treated area. Make up,creams ,etc may be applied after 2-4 hours after irritation(if any) subsides

A few hair may be seen on the area within a few days after treatment. Usually these fall out within 4-6 days and should not be pulled out

Swimming is prohibited for at least a week as the chlorinated water may cause reaction to the laser.

Also intense workout is to be avoided for the first 24 hours due to retained laser heat and hence any chance of reaction or irritation to the skin.

9. Appointment for next session of laser?

Preferable 4-6 weeks after the session or as new hair starts growing

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